Saturday, December 26, 2009

Socket System

Socket System

How it works
(Empty Socket Item) + (Create a Seed + Combine with a sphere) = Socket Item + Options

STEP 1) Get empty socket items.: Monsters from La Cleon

STEP 2) Create a seed through NPC seed master at Elveland.

Seed Master

Seed Recipe

The success rate depends on the level and items used for combination.
When it's successful, it creates one of seeds below.

When it fails, all the jewels will disappear and Excellent or Set items will randomly downgrade to level 0~2.

STEP3) Combine a seed and a sphere to get a Seed Sphere.


It does not have any function or effects as it is, and you cannot mount it to socket alone

Visit NPC Seed Master as before to combine a seed and a seed sphere.

Combination Recipe

Seed Sphere

When it's successful:
A seed sphere will be created. Once this is mounted to a socket item, it will give item a special options.The better quality the sphere has, the stronger option it will induce.

When it fails:
All the items that were put into combination will disappear.

STEP 4) Mounting
Go to Seed Researcher in Elveland to mount a completed seed sphere to a socket item.
Attack weapons :Fire, Ice, Lightening seed sphere only
Defense weapons: Water, Wind and Earth seed sphere only

Seed Researcher

How to mount:
First, select items to combine.

To increase options to your socket item, you may add two or more seed spheres.
The option will be randomly given depending on the seed spheres and the order that you combine them.

Set Socket Option
Wearing socket items may induce set socket option effects.

If you wish to destroy a seed sphere in the socket item, please visit NPC Seed ResearcherYou do not need neither an item nor zen to destroy.Once you confirm to destroy the seed sphere, it will erase all the options in the item as well as destructing the seed sphere.