Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Fenrir

What can I say, this is my first time to create a successful combination of a Fenrir. After half a year of collecting the ingredience due to low drop rate of Bless of Gaurdian in Crywolf and a failed attempt to create a Piece of Horn, I finaly gathered the materials needed.

Creating the Broken Horn was a challenge because there is a 50-50 chance that it will fail. But thanks to the Talisman of luck, the chance of a successful combination was up by 10%. So the rate increased by 60% ..phew!

After a successful combination, I finaly had the Broken Horn which brings us to the next step. This time, the chances of getting a Red Fenrir is 30%.

But what the hell, if I want to have a Fenrir that badly..I have to do whatever it takes to get it. Win or Lose, that's the name of the game. No guts..No glory..that's what i said to my self.

I put all the ingredience in the chaos machine. Covered both of my eyes, took a deep breath...and clicked combined. It took me like 3mins before I removed my hand infront of my eyes...and Yipppeeeee! Succcess! Thank you Gobby!

I roamed the continents of MU with my new Red Fenrir before I decided to upgrade it to a Black Fenrir. As of now..Im destroying the Armor's of my fellow Mutizens who loves to AFK on a PK-Server with my newly prized Fenrir hehehhe Its kinda fun.. but in the end.. I get a lot of curses from them hehhe =)


Anonymous said...

very exciting and onformative, I leave MU for about 10 years. When I'm back, a lot things changed