Sunday, July 17, 2011

MU Online Helper Guide

MU Online Helper Guide

In an effort to resolve hacking issues mainly caused by using illegal hack programs, we did survey to hear users opinions about 'Offical Auto Programs'.

As the result of the survey, we received many positive responses from MUTIZENs and decided to bring 'Official MU Helper' into the world of MU.

Ditch the hack program you are using!
Official Auto Program is now available for you.
Enjoy MU in much safer game environment with Official MU Helper!


1. Click on the 'Setting' Button

2. You can type any specific item name and can add it to your list for automatic picking

3. Potion can be used automatically when the HP becomes lower than the status you set

4. Combo skills can be used automatically by setting activation skills

5. Save Setting otherwise setting will be initialized

6. Click on the 'Start' button



  • MU Official Helper is designed to help hunting in MU Online
  • MU Official Helper can be available with characters over level 80
  • As MU Official Helper runs, a certain amount of Zen is spent every 5 minutes
  • The amount of Zen spent using MU Official Helper increases as character level rises
  • When MU Official Helper runs, the gauge bar in the top left hand corner rises
  • As the stage of gauge bar increases, the amount of Zen spent increases. However, the maximum level of stage is 5 and the stage doesn't rise any more.
  • As MU Official Helper stops running, the gauge bar is initialized
  • MU Official supports hunting at both short and long range and detailed setting such as attack skill, buff, potion, item acquisition are available.
  • MU Official Helper can be set up by clicking on the button in the top left hand corner for start and stop. (Short key Z for start and Short key Home for stop)
  • Chatting function is available with MU Official Helper at the same time.
  • In the case of Dark Knight, activation skill 1 and 2 should appropriately be set up for using combo skills.
  • With combo option checked, a basic skill, activation skill 1 and activation skill 2 are automatically casted in sequence.
  • In the case of Dark Lord, summon monsters are required first to cast dark spirits. 
  • MU Official Helper is designed for user friendly environment and it is somewhat difficult to help those who get disadvantages or involved in any conflict by using MU Official helper.



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JESBON1992 said...

Big question can i active Mu helper for more than 4 hours or unlimited?

Best Regards!

thyme said...

does this work for energy elves? :)

all the best!

MU Online Guide said...

Yes it works for Energy Elf. Other features includes auto combo for BK, auto loot fuction, auto repair, etc.

the best part is that you can choose what items to loot

at level 80, you can use MU Helper

MU Online Guide said...


You can use MU Helper as long as you want. Since MU Season 6 Episode 2 has a Multi Client Feature (meaning, you can run 3~5 MU Window all at once), MU Helper can be run on all characters 24/7... unless your computer blows up, that's the only time MU Helper will stop working =)

Anonymous said...

Where can i Download it? :o

Javier Avila said...

i use MU helper normally but, after about a couple of hours it disconect all my acounts ( about 9 - 11 hours ) i dont know why, if anybody know why its happening to me, would be nice if spare some info.

Anonymous said...

lol, now dont tell me, that you didnt include simple thing as autoattack (non skill attack), into your Mu Helper?

Anonymous said...

this does not work for energy elf's with summon pets. the energy elf mu helper guide is for almost on a party but not on a solo energy elf with i.e. elite yeti that should be buffed here and then. bot is useless

Renze Christopher Nollase said...

Goodpm po GM
How can i put the "spirit of dark horse" (or what ever longer names) in the MU helper?
Too long..
Is there a shorcut in adding that item in the MU helper???
Please rply back soon thnkyou somuch..