Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chaos Machine Combine Bugs in MU Season 4

Chaos Machine Combine Bugs in MU season 4 !!!

Hey Friends... I have Suggest To you How Use Chaos machine Combine Bugs To Create 3rd Wings In Mu Season 4.

Follow My Step :

- Complete and Place 3rd Wings material in your Iventory.
- Go To Noria... And Click Chaos Machine Combine.
- Place All 3rd Wings Material.- and Press OK Button.
- If Combination Fails , DONT Click anywhere.
- Press ALT + F4 To Exit Game.
- And Login Again.
- NOW.... All Item Will Come Back In Your Iventory...REMEMBER.... IF ITEMS FAIL TO COMBINE , DONT CLICK ANYWHERE.... YOU MUST Press ALF + F4 IMMEDIATELY And LOGIN AGAIN TO REFRESH All 3rd Wing Ingredient.

note: found this on a website. I haven't tried this yet because I'm too poor to buy materials for 3rd Wing. So please send me a feedback if it works.

- I dont think this works for ordinary items and excelent items +9 going to +10
- I still haven't tried on 3rd Wings, I'll keep you posted


Anonymous said...

i doubt this will work but its worth trying.
hitting alt+f4 with your items in chaos machine will make it disappear.

btw, idk where to post this but ill share this anyway,
hitting alt+f4 when your character dies will resurrect you on the very same spot when you login. but i did not notice if its xp is lossless^^
happened to me accidentally twice already ^^

MU Online Guide said...

this doesn't work in out server... but this works in ZhypherMU