Saturday, January 2, 2010

Master XP Level Up Experience

Its kinda hard to level up if your doing your quest alone. But with a good guild and alot of adek members.. leveling up is never been easy.

1 day of partying in Devil Square or Blood Castle gives you around 1.5~2 full bars. That means.. you get around 1.5~2 small bars every Devil Square or BC quest. So you will probably level up within a week.

The sad part is.. there is not enough ingredience to create a Devil Square or Blood Castle tickets. 2 ways to get them is either buying it for 5~7 Bless or thru webstore..which is kinda expensive.

ILLUSION TEMPLE is good..but the problem is.. you cant enter after the 6th time. But I believe Mobius is doing there best to fix this bug and hopefully, everyone will enjoy the event this January.

guild BoobsXL currently has 40 members..but our GM is planning to expand the guild in the near future.