Saturday, January 30, 2010

Season 4 New Sets

Season 4 New Ancient Sets

This section will be a great help in selecting the right Ancient Set for Seed Combination. Thank You

Dark Knight

Vicious Dragon Set

Rave Plate Set

Cloud Brass Set

Berserker Scale Set

Mist Bronze Set

Obscure Leather Set

Dark Wizard

Enis Legendary Set

Myne Sphinx Set

Sylion Bone Set

Banek Pad Set

Fairy Elf

Aruan Gaurdian Set

Karis Spirit Set

Elvian Wind Set

Peize Silk Set

Drak Vine Set

Magic Gladiator

Muren Stormcrow Set

Dark Lord

Agnis Adamantine Set

Broy Adamantine Set

Semeden Red Wing Set

Chrono Red Wing Set

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reuben said...

Set Seed:

3 parts Increace Damage Reflection +4% ,2 parts Increace Life autorecovery +8 (water seeds)

3 parts Increace skill attack power +37, 2 parts Increase Attack Sucess Rate +25 (water seeds)

3 parts Increace Defence Sucess Rate +10% ,2 parts Increace Exelent Damage Sucess rate +10% (wind seed)

Weapon seeds:

Increase Attack Speed +7 (fire seed)

Decrease AG use (40%) (fire seed)

Increase Critical Damage Sucess Rate +10% (lightning seed)

<<<<<What you Think Guys??

Anonymous said...

worse socket combination