Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Ever 400k Devil Square Score

400k Devil Square Score

This is the first time I've reach a 400k score in Devil Square. This nothing to brag about but I will share this info to everyone...and this will boost your party's experience.

There are 2 things I would like to share.. first is teamwork. There should be 1 spotter or a team leader in the party which will guide the whole party the entire Devil Square event. Some members of the party..specially blade knights tends to wander around, so the team leader should be the one to remind that particular character to stick together. Teamwork is useful because of the low experience rate. socketed weapons. I am an Energy based MG and I'm using 2 socketed weapons. AG reduction 40% is a very useful seed.. so try using this in one of your staff for unlimited Gigantic Storm. For the rest of the characters... socketed weapons is a sure way to kill mobs faster than excellent items.

seeds I recommend:

AG reduction 40%
skill increase +37
excellent damage rate 10%
critical rate 8%
(level type) attack/ wizardy damage +21



[MG]-Jan- said...

gwapo ah! kusog. -)