Monday, August 13, 2012

MU Online Philippines Season 6 Ep3

MU Online Philippines Season 6 Episode 3

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Officially launched on the 1st week of July, MU Online Philippines has already 8 servers with more than 6,000 players online and still growing. Max level is 400 and Master Level 200. No rebirth, no exe items with Full Options...there is no fun in playing a server with countless of resets and 32k stats..ayt?

And yes, this is a private server.

Tired of playing the game? join the facebook trashtalk page where players bash with each other, its an open forum where players can express whatever they feel like.

It's more fun in the Philippines don't you think? hahaha

Happy Gaming


Macusa said...

Great Sv!

Anonymous said...

I really love this game and i miss it so much!! didn't know that there is a new server for MUphil players.. I'll download the client asap.. don't know if you still remember me but it's good to see a familiar name from MUphil again. -=junkie=- (tarh server)

Anonymous said...

One needs to be a Philipine citizen to register and play, right? there is no way around it for the rest of the world?