Thursday, October 25, 2012

MU Philippines Duel Master Event

MU Philippines Duel Master Event

We will be releasing the DM events 3 at a time per month, according to the order of classes that was first released in Mu (BK,AE,Wiz / MG, DL / Summoner, RF)

Minimum number of players: 8 (Required to be Master Level)
Registration Fee: Will be announced shortly
Registration Date: Will be announced shortly
Registration Time: Will be announced shortly
Event Date: Will be announced shortly
Time: GMT+8(7pm)/GMT+3(2pm) (global server time or 2 hours before CS time)

How to Register: 
Fill in the proper format that will be available in the web soon.
click here

Important General Rule Reminder 
1). The player registered must be online (1)hour before their scheduled match. 

2). The GM will announce (5)minutes before each contestant's match, and warp the contestants to GM Map.

3). If a player is not online or responding during the designated match time, the GM will allow only (5) minutes grace period, more than that it may cause the disqualification of the registered player. 

4). If you get DISCONNECTED during play, you have (2)minutes to go back online and PM the GM to have you warped on the GM MAP and re-duel, the opposing player will be allowed to "switch characters" to have his/her SD regenerated. Due to your VOLUNTARY/INVOLUNTARY DISCONNECTION the opposing player will be awarded +1 Match Point prior to DISCONNECTION

Why (2)minutes? 

 Because this is enough time to log-in back and notify the officiating GM to warp you back to the GM MAP, and also for NON re-potting purposes. 

5). A (2nd)second DISCONNECTION will inculcate an AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION. 

6). Trace Marry for support characters is strictly prohibited during the event, if found guilty of the said offense you will be penalized accordingly. 

7). Extended inventories and pots/miscellaneous items in the personal store is ALLOWED

8). Every Set of duel will have a time limit of (30)minutes. Why (30)minutes? We have a series of rounds to hold, if players will take more than (30)minutes to finish a duel, there is no telling when the event will finish. This is also intended for preemptive measures of time wasting to regenerate for SD and AG.

Champion: P10,000 Cash ($250) + Trophy (Exc 380 Item of the Class +x+2 Opts) + 1/3 Total Registration Fee + Short interview with Photo of person/char on webpage 
1st Runner Up: 3000 ecoins + 1/3 Total Registration Fee 
2nd Runner Up: 500 ecoins + 1/3 Registration Bless Pool

Keep on checking the rules for any revisions of the rules and regulations.

MUE Team reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any given moment seen as fit for the betterment and entirety of the event. Ignorance towards the rules and regulations is definitely not an excuse, it is your responsibility to read the match rules, as it may change at any given time(see the disclaimer).

  • Final and Semi-Final matches will be videod and uploaded to the forum, for players to witness the event.
  • The registered players will be fighting via SINGLE ELIMINATION DEATH MATCH, random match ups. The FINAL and SEMIFINAL MATCH will be a BEST OF (3)three sets, strictly no re-potting allowed. 
  • Trophies are bound to the account, and are not permitted to be transferred to other accounts.
All prize awarding will be handled in the Devias Church announced by the GM I will be conducting the interview towards the champions, and gathering their Char SS and maybe a personal photo.

More information about the server HERE

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Facebook Trashtalk Page

Happy Gaming !!!


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