Monday, March 7, 2011

Rage Fighter

Rage Fighter

- The Rage Fighter equips himself with heavy attack gloves and claws to destroy all who stand in his way.

- Heavy defense armor and slow but strong attacks make him the 'Tank Class' of MU and a male counterpart to Summoner.

- Some say that Rage Fighters are combination of a Blade Knight, Energy Elf and Summoner in terms of strength and Buff/ De Buff Skills.

Stuff you need to know:
- Can Be Unlocked at level 150
- Close Combat Specialist
- Doesn't Wear Gloves
- 7 points earned in each Level
- Has buff and Defuff skills
- Very powerfull against 1 vs 1
- evolves into "Fist Master"
- has between 7 and 10 new skills
- learns skills from 7 new scrolls (similar to summoners).
- has 3 new weapons, 3 new sets, and 2 new capes.
- requires cash purchase to be unlocked

Training Forms

Rage Force Fighter
The Rage Fighter Force base their power on the skill of their weapons which will give a great additional attack power which becomes a great fighter.

Fighter Rage Energy
The Power Fighter Rage draws its power by reading books which give you special abilities such as increased damage, more defense rate and additional shares those same powers to the members of his party.

Rage Fighter Skills
-Rage Fighter skills passed from the buff to the debuff powers also giving multiple attacks that help to break a lot of damage on his enemies, additional features mark it as a great support through their powers to help members of your party to kill their enemies.

Special Skills

Firearm Skills

Skill in Parchment

Unique Items of Rage Fighter


Sacred Set, Holly Storm Set, Piercing Set

Sacred Glove, Holly Storm Claw, Blade Piercing Gloves

Video Preview

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Anonymous said...

is the rage fighter character available on mu season 5?

MU Online Guide said...

rage fighter is only available in season 6

Brian said...

What is most powerful set for rf? Is it Piercing?

Anonymous said...

Pinaka malakas samin na set ng RF sa Global is Phoenix Soul Set ung pang 380 sa Acient naman Vega di rin sila kalkasan kasi di pa na optimize ung build bago pa kasi sabi mas malkas parin BK pero i doubt konti palang master level sa global pero 7 points from the start same stat computation as Bk (Not sure) i think this is the best in PvP kasi ung damge nya isang suntok pag acient 3K eh 8 suntok minsan mahigit hehehe kayo na bahala mag compute

MU Online Guide said...

more info for rage fighter builds in this link

Mentor said...

I found more info about new MuOnline character Rage Fighter here. I think they posted more info about Rage Fighter

Anonymous said... is running 6 yrs with new season 6 now

Anonymous said...

saan pla ako makakita o maka bili ng rage figther na armor??

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