Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seed (Level Type) Attack/ Wizardy Damage

Seed Sphere (Level Type) Attack/ Wizardy Damage

One of my favorite seeds because no one pays attention to this one. The word (level type) is not the same as lvl/20 option you see in your pendants and weapons. The +20 number you see in the seed corresponds to your level.

for example:

thus, the number you see in this seed coresponds to your level and it increases by +1 in every 20 levels.

Things you need to know:

- increases +20 min and +20 max damage when you reach level 400
- This seed sphere is the same as seed of fire attack/wizardy +20 , the difference is that your minimum and maximum damage increase by +1 every 20 levels.

- This is not the same as lvl/20 option you see in your excellent weapons and pendants.
- High damage if you have both of these seed in each weapon.
- Good seed for Strength type not for Energy type.

Effects on Stats and Mobs

Before the seed has been reinforced in the staff:

- excellent damage is 2496

After the seed has been reinforced:

- Skill damage increased to +24 minimum and +24 to max damage
- Damage (rate) increased to +24 minimum and +24 to max damage
- no significant increase in damage in Wizardy Dmg

- Excellent damage increase by 2608

After the seed has level up to +25

- Skill damage increased to +1 minimum and +1 to max damage
- Damage (rate) increased to +1 minimum and +1 to max damage
- no significant increase in damage in Wizardy Dmg

- This is the weird part.. the excellent remains the same even although my minimum and maximum damage increased by +1
- Damage still remains the same after leveling up a couple of time, so I guess this is not a good seed for energy type characters such as Wizards and Energy Magic Gladiator.

- I noticed that (Level type) Seeds increases your Damage (Rate) not your Wizardy Damage, so probably this is a strength based seed.
- A good Seed for Strength based characters, nor for Energy Based like Wizards and Energy Magic Gladiators.
- Among the Fire seeds I have tested, only Skill Increase +37 is the only one that increases your Wizardy Damage.. the rest, increases your Damage (Rate). 


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Anonymous said...

and what you sugest in a 5 socket flamberge
i was think all seeds put fire
coz i think min and max wizardry is better than light max edr and critical damage
and in the second flamberge put ice skill attack and 4 fire, so i dont put any lightning. you opinion
i have bk , thanks :)

MU Online Guide said...

I believe your playing in a high stat server?

FOr me, Fire seeds are used if you are just starting out because it is cheap, easier to create or to buy.

In your case, you can use any seeds you like.

Xdamage rate 10% and Critical rate 8% seeds are still the best if your using ancient set with xdamage and critical rate.

asdf said...

Im using this seed at my weapons,in a server with 1000 lvls its not bad at all :)
BTW nice guides,love this site ^^

Anonymous said...

i'm also an EMG, i'm using +0 gaion set+anubis gloves & ring all 10v/ene and 1'm using sok+15+l+16+inc wiz damage+31 as my primary weapon and on the other hand i'm using RBS+9+16+ag red+edr rate 10%.

in our server it's so hard to have a 3 socket weapon but still my damage reaches upto 15889k when using this weapon but when i change my primary weapon and using ex sok+15+l+16 w/ yellow option my max damage reaches upto 18k but still i'm looking for a good set of weapon's so i can reach the highest damage that i can meet. give some advice guys. thnx

MU Online Guide said...

try wearing Ruin+15+L+ignore and instead of anubis gloves, use muren gloves to increase your damage.

also, try to buy a rbs or deadly staff +15+L+2~3soc

this will increase your damage further

Anonymous said...

i have 5 crit 12% and 14 edr 14% in my two weapon but still i can inflicts max dmg to my opponent but other do to me.

Anonymous said...

i mean 5 edr 14% in my 1 sword..

Anonymous said...

Pls help us,, im a very active player in MU i spend a lot of money but still i always got pawned and inflicts low damage to my opponent im playing in MU +15 items,level 5 seed with 5 socketed option item + 380 option,, we got here + 10000 defense success rate in 380 option and + 30000 hp in gloves and it will vary in different item set,,, here my 5 opt in set...
H= 4 reduction 8% 1 Block rating increase + 14%
while armor,gloves,pants and boots i have 3 dmg reduction 8% 1 ref9% and blockin +14%,, in weapon i have 5 edr 14% 5 crit 12%,,but i can 7 edr and 3 crit or the other way around.... thanks,, can u send comment and give your advice in putting socket option in my set so that i can change it.. thanks can u send to my email add ,,