Sunday, March 27, 2011

MU Online Gens PVP System

How to make the Gens PVP System

Gens (Gens) What is the first time since the introduction of siege, the group is the PVP system. Living standards by opposing players 'gens Adrian Dupree'(Gens Duprian) and 'gens banereuteu'(Gens Vanert) is one of up, Forces in the disputed area between the relative contribution of gens acquired through PVP and get some sort of compensation is seryeokjeon system.

Gens Duprian NPC
(lorencia 144, 127)

Gens Vanert NPC
(Noria 167, 100)

Cautions up
From more than 50Lv genseue can join. You can join one of the genseueman. Reactivation during Gens elapsed before the state has to be 3 days after withdrawal.

Withdrawal Cautions
Guild Master can not leave the genseureul. If you opt gens, the contribution of the genseueseo Active gens is initialized.

Other changes
Genseue party and other parties to bear up if it is not an object. Up at the guild, the guild master and other genseue if it is up you can not join the guild. Union City formed the guild, the guild master and guild master of Nations Union genseuga different guilds you can not bear. If you leave the guild will remain genseuneun.

Before Gens

After Gens

Gens Window Interface
In the System Menu 'gens' or click the shortcut B Gens the information window can be activated.

Show gens information: gens part, the current title (grade) and Ranking Rankings updated 6 times a day total (2:00, 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, 22:00, 24-hour) and Result can be confirmed by the Home Game.

Contributions acquiring Show: current contribution and the need to obtain an absolute ranking to determine the contribution can be (relative ranking is not displayed)

Gens Window Interface
(Press "B")

Conflict zone
Genseue in the conflict zone will be allowed to have up. Play in conflict zones without penalty but the stem can be a free PVP, PVP through Gens contribution can be obtained. Limited areas of conflict exist, the entry-level and common areas for hunting experience can earn more.

Local Conflict
Atlantis - Minim lvl 70-90 - Max lvl 150 | Aida - Mini lvl 150 - Max lvl 250 | Kanturu - Minim lvl 160 - Max 400 | Vulcan - Minim lvl - 30 - Max lvl - 400 | Atlantis 1, 2, 3, and will include such details in all areas.
Contribution of Gens Quests

There is a unique mark for each genseuen.Display gens is only available in the disputed area.