Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cyborg R.A.T.9 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Cyborg R.A.T.9 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Review

When I first received this mouse I was a bit worried. I had read some reviews stating that they received a bad unit. Fortunately I had no such issues and I am not sure what the percentage of bad copies are.

Anyhow, this mouse itself is pretty much awesome. I know people emphasize this a lot, but customization is really the name of the game here. The range from the smallest it can be and the largest it can be is really quite impressive. I have fairly small hands but the very smallest version of it is way too small for me.

Moreover, with the parts that you can swap out and adjust, you really get a nice feel for it. It is a little heavy perhaps, so I am using none of the weights, but that's because I really like it light.

The software is a little bit weak, but it gets the job done. It's not bad like some people have implied, it's just not great.

Moreover, with the tool that you bring with you all the time, you can constantly make small adjustments. I've had the mouse for about a week now and I have continuously made small adjustments almost every day to eventually get the perfect fit.

If you are a gamer and you are interested in getting a new mouse and are thinking about spending $70-80 anyway, bumping it up to this one will not be a bad choice in my opinion.

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