Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kundun Experience

The Kundun Experience

To Start with, my character just leveled up so I've decided to hunt Kundun using my Energy MG. I know that this is a crazy idea, so why not give it a try right.

To my surprise, I almost killed kundun (as shown in the last part of the video), too bad I died first.

Anyway, to cut the story's the video

Here are the stats and sets I used in the video


  • XStormcrow Set 9+DD+DSR+12
  • XDragon Shield 13+DD+DSR+skill
  • Deadly Staff 9+12+3soc (AG red + SAI 37 + (level type)
  • Rings (pair) DD+DSR+3%
  • Pen Xdamage 10% + Speed 7
  • Ruin +9+4%


  • S: 688 (Gaion+13+16)
  • A: 750
  • V: none
  • E: remaining

Master Skills:

  • Defense Increase
  • Attack Success Rate
  • Health Increase
  • CometFall

It may be possible to kill Kundun if used a different set and If I increased my agility and health a little higher.

Proposed set and build for EMG

for XStormcrow +9+16+DD+DSR /Gaion+13
S: 688
A: 1050
E: 1058 (gigantic storm)
V: remaining

for Destroy set +9+16+3soc or +11+16+2soc (DD+DSR+ seed)
S: set requirement (probably less than 300)
A: 1200
E: 1058
V: remaining


  • Based on this experience, Im not sure if EMG is up to the task to kill kundun.
  • EMG do not have enough points to be distributed to life and agility
  • If you are a Strength Type or Agility Type, this may be possible.
  • and Don't ask me if this works for Strength Type/Agility Type for I haven't tried that yet



Anonymous said...

2x RBS +13-15+S+L+AGI+XDMG+SKILL RATE+BONUS / other with Mana then Gaion +13-+15, Wing Ruin +13-15+16DMG RING PARI DD+DSR+3% and Scroll of Protection and Health + Demon and Santa Buff and Cherry Blossom Petal + Pro EE what do you think?

days said...

+Pro EE you say...
the idea is "SOLO HUNTING" dude^^...

MU Online Guide said...

I'll post a successful kundun kill after I finish my DD DSR set

hopefully, I can kill kundun without any support =)