Thursday, April 22, 2010

Master Skill: XP Increase

Master Skill XP Increase

XP Increase

Level 1 = 8% increment   (1 point)
Level 2 = 16% increment (1 point)
Level 3 = 24% increment (1 point)
Level 4 = 32% increment (2 points)
Level 5 = 40% increment (2 points)

- 7 points are needed to reach level 5 for XP Increase
- If you want to level up faster compare to other players, then this is the skill for you
- By the time you reach level 10~20, leveling will be a pain in the @ss, so I recommend you to get the skills early before its to late!

How to get XP Increase

- You need 18 points to complete XP Increase: 5 points for Duration Reduction, 6 points for HP Auto Increment and finally 8 points for XP Increase.
- You cannot proceed to XP Increase until you finish Duration Reduction and HP Auto Increment

Benefits of XP Increase
- additional 40% experience every time you finish Devil Square, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and Balgass Events.
- 40% bonus experience every mob kill.
- Below are some samples:

Pouch of Blessing

- normally, this mobs gives you around 6~9k xp
- But with XP Increase, you'll get 10~13.5 k xp in kill

-Minimum 2~3.0 mini bar depending on the party
- 1.7~2.5k xp with party

-after the event, you get an additional 40% experience depending on your rank

Devil Square (no party)

- 5~7k xp
- I dont have a screenshot on how many mini bars I made during the event, but roughly probably more than 2 mini bars.

Blood Castle

-You'll get additional 40% xp, in my case, I got around 600k plus experience
- Minimum of 2~3.5 mini bars
- After destroying the statue, have your party kill mobs first and return the weapon before 2 mins

Chaos Castle

- additional 40%experience before and after the event
- in my case, I got around 300k plus xp after killing more than 50 mobs, thats almost equivalent to 1 Blood Castle experience