Monday, July 12, 2010

Master Skill: Maximum Life Increase

Master Skill Maximum Life Increase

Maximum Life Increase

level 1: 50 increment ( 1 point )
level 2: 100 increment ( 1 point )
level 3: 150 increment ( 1 point )
level 4: 200 increment ( 2 points )
level 5: 300 increment ( 2 points )

  • 7 points needed to reach level 5 of Maximum Life Increase
  • A total of 300 increment in your Life
  • For example.. if your life is 1500, after reaching level 5. +300 Life will be added, that would give you 1800 life.



Aerrox said...

Can I bypass, AG Increase after reaching lvl 5 Max Life Increase?

MU Online Guide said...


You have to finish Max Life Increase before you can proceed to AG Increase

As long as you see an ARROW marker between the skills, that means you can't proceed to the next skill without finishing the first skill.

If there are no ARROW marker like the one you see in HP AUTO INCREMENT and ZEN INCREASE, this means that you can skip HP AUTO INCREMENT and proceed to ZEN INCREASE without putting any points to HP AUTO INCREMENT.

hope this helps

Aerrox said...

What I mean sir is, I don't want to use AG Increase skill. Can I proceed directly to the next skill after maximizing Life Increase?

MU Online Guide said...

@Aerrox of course you can proceed to the next skill after maximizing Life Increase.

Aerrox said...

Good Thanks DUde!