Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monsters in Vulcanus

source: Webzen

Monsters in Vulcanus
Newest Map in Season 5 and one of the best places to hunt and at the same time level up Master Xp Quest. An alternative map to hunting in the Land of Trials. You might get rare item such as Excellent Lord Mix Items and Ancient Items.  More details here

Boss Monsters in Vulcanus
  • The boss monsters in Vulcanus Map are the toughest to kill, at the same time difficult to recognize from the normal monsters because the all look alike.
  • The only difference is that the boss mob is the toughest to kill and the only one who can inflict the greatest damage to your character.
  • Good news is, if you have the Gladiator Honor Buff, you might get rare items.

Zombie Fighter

Zombie Fighter is the living dead body of fighter who lost the battle during the prosperous times of Vulcanus. They Still wouldn,t admit their defeat and they exist only to kill. They are very ugly with burned body.

Reborn Gladiator
Vulcanus Lava burned down all the things but the sword of gladiator remains as sharp as ever.

Burnt Murderer

A winner takes the honor but the loser only gets the blunt weapon of murderer.

Bloody Slayer
Their life still exists but the body has been burned. They are thirsty for human's pure blodd to continue living with the ugly burned body. Equipped with two sharp rakes.

Vicious Bloody Slayer
More powerful than Bloody Slayer.

Burning Lava Giant
It is consisted of burned rock and lava, the movement is slow but the stamping attack is so powerful that nobody dares to block.

Vicious Lava Giant

More powerful than Burning Lava Giant.