Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MU Season 6 New Maps

MU Season 6 New Maps

New Map: Kalutan

I. Movement
  • Character over level 160 can enter Kalutan.
  • In the case of using warp, Character over level 170 can enter the map
  • On foot, the Kalutan 1 area is accessd and base camp is located in there
  • Kalutan 2 area can be accessed on foot or can be enterned by warp
  • 130,000 zen are expended by warp to Kalutan
II. World
  • Kalutan consists of Kalutan 1 area where base camp is located and Kalutan 2 area where regular field exists

In the base camp, miscellaneous goods merchant, weapon merchant, and 3 storage guards exist.

III. Monster explanation
* Specific status is subject to change