Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Season 6 Episode 2 - Preview

Season 6 Episode 2

I. New socketed items for character Summoner
  • Eternal Wings Set (380 level requirement)
  • Eternal Wings Stick (380 level requirement)
  • Divine Stick of Archangel

II. New items for you character Rage Fighter
  • Soul Phoenix Set (380 level requirement)
  • Soul Phoenix Star (380 level requirement)

III. New skills for Rage Fighter
  • A New skill Phoenix Shot
  • You can use it when clothed Soul Phoenix Shot

IV. New Master skills

V. Changes in the Tree of Skills
  • Tree of skills will be active for all characters except for the Rage Fighter (it will become active with the next update)
  • For each skill you can paint up to 20 points and a minimum of 10 points to go to the next range (for some of the skills necessary to paint the maximum number of points, but would go to the next range)
  • For Season 6 Episode 2, will be active 5 bands (in the next update will be 6 bands)
  • The maximum range is 9

VI. Changing levels of Maps and new Monster

Swamp of Peace
- Safi Queen, Napin Ice, Shadow Master

La Cleon (2nd Area)
- Dark Mammoth, The Dark Giant, Dark Coolutin, The Dark Iron Knight

Aida 2
- Bloody Orc, Bloody Death Rider, Bloody Blue Golem, Bloody Witch Queen

Kanturu 3
- Warrior Berserker, Warrior Kentarus, Gigantis Warrior, Warrior Genocider

VII. Addded new jobs
  1. Qualities of a warrior: 240 ~ 270 Level
  2. Courage of a warrior: 300 ~ 320 Level
  3. Champion of the fight: 331 ~ 350 Level
  4. Warrior spirit: 351 ~ 380 Level
  5. Champion of the patient: 381 ~ 400 Level

VII. Increased Vault/ Chest Inventory
  • To expand the chest and inventory, it will be possible, by pressing the extension
  • Some game sub-servers cannot use the extension
  • To expand, you will need to perform the mission that you give NPC Gyro Rogue Traders

IX. Added Gen Chat
- To call within Gens system must first write the character " $ " or click Gens chat in the chat panel.

X. Keyboard shortcuts
- Shortcuts for instant messaging

F2: all messages ON / OFF
F6: General Chat ON / OFF
F7: Party Chat ON / OFF
F8: Guild Chat ON / OFF
F9: Gens Chat ON / OFF


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