Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Phantom Hunter

The Phantom Hunter

One of the coolest set in the MU World for Magic Gladiator is probably the Phantom Set. This set has a killer Defense and probably my all time favorite set. Only a few players ever used this set, maybe because seeds spheres are very expensive and players prefer to use ancient sets like Gaion or Muren while hunting.

A friend of mine from Global use this set for PVP and PVM. And this set lead him to countless of victories.

Here's his info

name: Applesauce
server: MU Global - Valhalla
build: Strength - Agility Magic Gladiator

Set : Phantom Set +13+L+16+2/3soc (Damage Decrease and Damage Success Rate)
Weapon: Pair Rune Bastard Sword +13+L+16+skill+3soc
Wing: Ruin +15+L+4% hp recovery

Strength: 1121
Agility: 1250
Vitality: 555
Energy: 141

LaCleon Hunt

Refinery Event

PVP - Devias Gate

other build you want to reconsider

S: 1200
A: 1050
E: 144
V: remaining

All credit goes to Applesauce of Global MU -Valhalla.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting =)

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Roland said...

Thats awesome but is it any good in hunting parties with bosses to?

Anonymous said...

sir ang tibay ng demon hindi na mamatay...

MU Online Guide said...

Demon has 1 month durability

Anonymous said...

hahahah i know him but sadly i killed him with my reflect :D

Anonymous said...

he has a buff from EE hahahaha thats why....

MG always get owned in Valhalla by the following characters:


MG is pro in hunt i can say

Anonymous said...

OFG look all that buff MG have :D and he still dies hahahah

MU Online Guide said...

I notice that applesauce build is purely PVM. And his build is good for high level maps and bosses..not for PVP

It will be different scenario if applesauce changes his set and build to STR AGI MG.

Gaion or Muren set with BOE+bypass

Anonymous said...

Belive me SMG always get owned :D in PvP i play global and i know what ever ur build is they get owned always all i can say is MG is purely PvM not PvP

i have +15 BOE+bypass and its crap 2XSOD is better +15 but still bypass is useless on high Hp

SUM just own them by ref more the damage the merrier :)

SM hit and RUN :D

AE Ice and your Dead

Don't ask RF cause they don't have skill tree in Global but they own and pawn anyone higher than 50 or more :)

Muren is crap set in Global ask anyone its very cheap Gaion is better.

Thats all i can say for playing in Valhalla since it start

Anonymous said...

There is no Senario even he changes belive me MG is not for PvP

MG - DL same but i think DL is better in PvP than SMG

Thats the reality :) Global players knows that even go server 7 Devias a lot smg there get owned and they cant win without all that buffs

MU Online Guide said...

Your right, DL has more defense than MG because of the Dark Horse and Cape.

And I believe that MG are good for PVM rather than PVP.

But still, not all characters are as strong as they claim to be. Every character gets pawned once in a while,just have to find a character weaker than you hahaha!

I have a low level summoner in Global..just started playing last month...mostly afk. Still looking for a good set =)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MU Online Guide said...

I deleted your post for security reasons. I'll mail you once I get online.

Anonymous said...

How much is gaion parts+0+5stamina in valhalla? is there any gold monsters in valhalla?

Anonymous said...

can you show the MS build?

Anonymous said...

Sir can you show the MS build please?

Anonymous said...

For now I think, Aftermath is the best MG in pvp. I always think all MG are suck in pvp, but after I see him at Devias gate, he always can beat anyone. One by one with bk or rf is a nut for him. 2-3 attackers also he can win. I think he was perfect build MG in pvp.