Sunday, November 6, 2011

Order of Gaion and Selupan Hunt

Order of Gaion and Selupan Hunt

Order of Gaion and Selupan Quest is one of the toughest, if not, the hardest quest in the MU World. And One of the best hunters for this quest are Magic Gladiators.

With the proper gears and Master Skills, these Quest are a walk in the park

name: Applesauce
server: MU Global - Valhalla
build: Strength - Agility Magic Gladiator

Sets :
Phantom Set +13+L+16+2/3soc (Damage Decrease and Damage Success Rate)
Gaion Set +9//13/15+16
Lucky Sets +9+?
Weapon: Rune Bastard Sword +13+L+16+skill+3soc and XDSA+13+L+S+2options
Wing: Ruin +15+L+4% hp recovery

Strength: 1121
Agility: 1250
Vitality: 555
Energy: 141

Order of Gaion

Selupan Hunt

other build you want to reconsider

S: 1200
A: 1050
E: 144
V: remaining

other weapons you can use

- RBS +9/13+ 3soc (xdmg 10% + skill attack increase 37 + speed) or option of your choice
- XDSA +9/13 + xdmg rate 10%
- XSOD +9/13 + xdmg rate 10%

All credit goes to Applesauce of Global MU -Valhalla.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting =)


Anonymous said...

is this build good for pvp??? ^_^

carbondale said...

yes, this is good for PVP.
Use Blade of Explosion +13/15+L+bypass instead of RuneBastard Sword

Anonymous said...

can i put 123 ENE instead of 144, and then add 2-3 MS Level Points to my Max Mana Increase which gives me additional 100 mana per 1 ms point. -ty