Monday, January 11, 2010

Creating a Good Seeds

Creating a Good Seeds

The seed researcher randomly chooses the option for the seed based on the ancient item and x-items you placed for combination.

Please refer to the Season 4 New Ancient Set for preference.

AG reduction 40%

  • Use Argo Spirit items and any xitem weapons
  • Other seeds Agro items can create are: Mana Monster Destruction, Attack/Wizardy Damage+20 and Life Increase 4%

Critical Rate 8% (lighting)ff
  • The best ancient is a Cloud Brass items because it has a Increase Critical damage rate 20% and Inc Crit Dmg +50 option.
  • For excellent item, use shield + zen. the chance of getting Critical rate and Critical Inc is 50/50

Defensibility Increase +10% (water)
  • Use excellent items with Defence Rate 10% options only ... not DR+DD .. u might get the DD seed option
  • Defense Rate+Zen is also good

Skill Damage Increase +37 (ice)
  • Use Karis Spirit Items or Mist Bronze Set because of it skill attacking rate option

(Level Type) Attack/Wizardy Damage (fire)
  • Use excellent weapons with lvl/20 option

Excellent Damage rate 10% (lightening)
  • Use kantata ancient items + xitems+xdmg
  • I use kantata items because it has a higher percentage to get the X-damage rate seed option.

Health Increase +30 (earth)
  • Use Pieze Silk Items and excellent items with life 4% options

Other Tips:
  • Overall the best ancient items to use is a Gywen ancient items or Kantata Sets. First of all.. this is cheap and nobody uses this in the game. you can get 4 good seeds using this. namely, X Damage Rate/ X Damage +20/ Critical Rate / Critacal damage +20.
  • You might want to try hunting in Vulcanus Map for Ancient Items.

Hope this helps
note: this is not 100% accurate but 2 out of 10, most good quality seeds are created

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Anonymous said...

nice guide ma try nga mamaya pag ups ng server


Anonymous said...


Grudge said...

I use ceto or obscure items for Shield Protect and Damage Decrease seed

Anonymous said...

great help! i try using all argo set items and guess what, 1/4 of it AG red and the other 3 are all Life Increase 4%... i don't know if it's just by luck yesterday or i'm just really lucky! nyahahaha... ^,...,^

Anonymous said...

may ascalom set dont have bunos socket...any body can help to have bunos socket.plz send all the combination of socket ...thankz alot

Mortal said...

How to create Deamage Reduction and Defence accuarcy ?! please Help