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Seeds: PVP and PVM sets (Low Stat Server)

Seeds: PVP and PVM sets (Low Stat Server)

This Guide is for Low Stat Servers like GMO
This is just an overview if your confused about what seeds to put in your set. Seeds are kinda expensive and we don't want to waste good seeds on an item.

Before we get started, here are some tips:
-3 socketed sets are better than 2 socket
-plan ahead on what seeds to use. After you decide to go for PVP or PVM, thats the time you buy your desired seeds.
-always have an extra 3 socketed set in your possession. One for PVP and PVM.

Player vs Player

Pure Defense Armor System

1) Defense Accuracy Increase 10%
2) Damage Reflection 4%
3) Shield Protection Increase 7%

- good for all classes

Pure Reflect Armor System
1) Damage Reflection 4%
2) Increase Life 4%
3) Increase Health +30

- good for all classes specially for BK's or Characters with low or high vitality.
- best choice for PVP duels

Player vs Monsters

Hunt Type Defense

1.) Defense Accuracy Increase 10%
2.) Damage Decrease 4%
3.) Shield Protection Increase 7%

- good for all classes

Hunt Type Vitality

1.) Defense Accuracy Increase 10%
2.) Damage Decrease 4%
3.) Life increase 4% or Health increase +30


1.) Critical rate 8%
2.) excelent damage rate 10%
3.) (level type) attack/wizardy damage
4.) skill increase +37
5.) 40% AG reduction
6.) critical damage +30

- best for MG/EMG and BK who are using 2 weapons. Can delivery high damage compared to excelent weapons.
- for PVM only... not recommended for PVP
- 380 weapons with JOH options is still the best for PVP

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Anonymous said...

I want to ask a very important question:

kindly correct me if im wrong:


please clarify I need your help before i put it in my sheild tnx

MU Online Guide said...

yes..they are both the same

depending on the level of the sphere's you are using, the stronger the seed option will become.

if you use sphere +3 or +4

DSR will increase to 12% or 13%

Anonymous said...

Tnx for the reply....Il be using salamander shield +9+S+L+5+DD 4%+BLOCK RATE 10%+SHEILD PROTECTION 7% u think this is a good option for PvM hunt in La cleon?

MU Online Guide said...

I also have a salamander shield..except that my salamander shield has no skill and no luck

in the video..i am using xdragon shield +9+dd+dsr+skill

using the skill of your shield during IronKnight Hunts lessens the damage.

and yes..the seeds in your shield is a good option for PVM hunt in La Cleon.

Anonymous said...

guys help me ... as one of the EMG
my built was pure energy...

aside from gaion set+0 what else can i wear that i can maintain my damage....i don't want to wear (evis set +13+l+16)^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Marle,

Ask lang po, other than agired, what do you recommend na fire seed if im a EMG and who AFK's alot?

And is it okay if im using two socketed weapons with both agired? or is it overkill already and should be using other fire seeds?

Kindly advise sir.


MU Online Guide said...

Since you aFK alot, I suggest using only 1 AG red seed and 2 mana monster destruct seed.

since you still have spare sockets, any fire seeds will do.

remember, your only using this for AFKs, so its important you don't run out of mana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir Marle,

Thanks for the reply. I have already max out Mana Reduction Strengthener. Should I still be using 2 mana seeds?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Do defense success rate option of seeds.. effects on PVP? or it only applies on PVM?
I'm talking about defense success rate or/ Defense Accuracy Increase

Anonymous said...

i have another question, where can i get perfect spheres?.. thanks in advance

MU Online Guide said...

yes..defense success rate seeds affects both PVM and PVP

perfect spheres can be obtained from high ranking bosses like Selupan

Anonymous said...

I have a question for 3 socketed set. Do i need to put the same seed on one part of the set to all of the parts?

Example: Defense Accurac Inc + Damage Dec. + Shield Protection Inc in an Armor

Should i put the same seeds in the remaining 4 parts?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the quick response :).. another thing.. a DSR yellow option , let's say on a +13 armor , gives an additional Defense rate inc of 8.. is that by any chance increases your DSR by 8 PERCENT?

Anonymous said...

going back to socket option, is it really true that a DSR seed, can be applicable to PVP? . cause I've been browsing through some threads on MU ph.. and they're saying that DSR opts on exc items and socketed items only applies to PVM, while yellow option DSR can be used on PVP..

MU Online Guide said...

Yes, you can put the same seed on all parts.

About the DSR YO option, Im not sure about the computation. Since we already have MS PVP DSR, this yellow option is useless. The recommended Yellow Option are Damage Decrement or SD Ratio.

DSR seed or DSR option in xitems is applicable for PVP and PVM. In MU Global, some use DSR for PVP...depending on the character.

If your a BK, then HP+REF set is the best for you.

On the other hand, I use DSR+REF rings paired with my Gaion set +13 for PVP.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to have the same seed option in one item? and how does players upgrade the percentage of seed options placed in an item? (for examample: slight ag reduction 40%) how can they make it 42%-44% and so on....

Ely said...

I checked and, unfortunately, DSR Seed is not applicable to PVP :( (at least not in Global MU Online)

And as for your question: you can't have 2 seeds of the same option (although you can have same type like 2 Wind seeds).
In order to have better options (41%, 42%) you must use a better Sphere, you can't upgrade an existing Seed Sphere.

Anonymous said...

can u give me a very good seed option to put on my Flameberge+15+L+5socket, our socket items on our server are not exellent anymore. can u pls help me pls.

Anonymous said...

i also want to ask,, if this seeds are good on flameberge, and can u tell me if this seeds are killer type or what.

these are all lvl 3, we dont have level 4 nd 5 yet on our server

attack speed increase
attack rating increase
Ag cost decrease

pls reply sir. i need help before i put this on my FB..

Anonymous said...

by the way sir i am using DK set+15 dd hp ref,+ pink and yellow opt
are this seed are compatible with my FB and my DK set?

MU Online Guide said...

The seed you mention for your FB is good if your playing in a low stat server.

And I believe that you are playing in a high stat server so Im not sure if your FB is strong enough compared to X BoneBlades with FO.

In conclusion, all the seeds you mentioned is great and should be compatible with your DK set.

Anonymous said...

our stat is 32767 for each stat,
i have 2 ex BB+15fo with yellow (crit +30) and pink opt.
are those seeds are good enough on our level status?

or if not can u give me a 5 very good seed options.

i love your site dude.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!


Sir i'm one of a muonline player and a beginner when it comes to creating a good seed for my set,i just want to ask how should i start and what are kind of seeds that i need to buy for me to be able to have good options when it comes to PVP or any kind of event.thank you

MU Online Guide said...

what is your character? and sever? (Global or MU Philippines?)

anyway, if your still starting, the best gear is ancient set for leveling. Ancient sets helps you level faster.

for hunting, either ancient set or xitems with DD DSR options are the best long as they are +11 or higher.

as for the PVP seeds, you need to upgrade your set first to +13 before you can put seeds on it. Be reminded that seeds and set are both expensive.

as for the PVP seeds, (Reflect + Life 4% + SPI 7%) or ( Damage Decrease + Reflect + Life 4%) or ( Reflect + Life 4% + Health +30) is recommended.

as for PVM seeds, (DSR 10% + damage decrease 4% + life 4% or health +30) is recommended.

for semi PVP and PVM, this is my favorite seed for the set

(DSR 10% + DD 4% + Reflect 5%)

the choice is yours, remember that you also need good weapons, wings and accessories to win a PVP battle.

Anonymous said...


is it possible and is it effective to put the same option spheres?
ex. 1.)damage reduction, 2.)damage reduction, 3.)damage reflection

or even if 3 options all the same

Anonymous said...

sir i was the one asking about 5 seeds for my FB,, im planning to put CDR, EDR, LEVEL TYPE,CDI,SKILL BONUS,

MU Online Guide said...


You can only put 1 seed at a time in 1 item.

ex. 1.) damage reduction, 2.) damage reflection 3.) life 4%

In regards with the seeds for your FB, I think the seeds you choose is good and best for PVM and maybe PVP.

You have to understand that I am clueless when giving advice to players who are playing in a high stat servers because of the over rated stats and high end gears.

The guide I posted is best for MU Global and MU Philippines..or low stat servers


Anonymous said...

can u give me 5 very good with high damage seeds for my fb.. good for mu global/mu phil... i am playing on pandoramu with 32767 max on each stats

Anonymous said...

hi is it ok to put on 5 socket sword breaker cdr edr cdi edi Attack/Wizardry increas or (level type)attack/wizardy increase

is it ok no bonus?

Anonymous said...

i have a question. if my set has a shield protection increase but i don't use a shield, does the shield protection increase works? what does shield protection increase do?

Anonymous said...

Hi, im playing a server taht has 5 sockets, whats the best combinations for armors, weapons and sheild for PVP. our server has 65k stats. please help me

PRO said...

nagsawa na ung guide sa kakasagot sa mga tanong mo!hahaha

carbondale said...

I have already posted the best seeds for PVP and PVM. Cant understand why players keep asking me the same questions over and over again.

For players playing in highstat servers:

Best seed for PVP set:
- reflect 5%
- dsr 10%
- life 4%
- Shield protect 7%
- Damage Decrease 4%

if your set is excellent, make sure it has a JOH option sd ratio

for PVP weapons, it doesnt matter what seeds you put as long as it has SD BYPASS option

carbondale said...

Seed Guide for High Stat servers

Anonymous said...

can u give me a good seed option for pvp to put on my MG phantom set with 4 slot?


reuben said...

Sir what best seed socket in heroesland

reuben said...

i have +15 set Blood Summit

my character is Summoner

IN PVP im always lose

what best combination

and if i use BERSERKER STR.




carbondale said...


Summoner is useless if your HP is low. Summoner needs high vitality because reflect is the one who will do most of the damage to your opponent.

in order for your summoner to be effective in PVP, your set should have HP+REF

if you are wearing 3 socketed sets, use Life 4% +Reflect 5% +Health Inc

for 5 socketed sets, use
DSR 10% + DD 4% + Life 4% + Reflect 5% + Health Inc

and im not familiar with what MU you are playing, but make sure your vitality should be pretty high.

best build for summoner in GMO is

S: set requirement (around 400)
A: weapon requirement (around 300)
E: lighting shock requirement
V: remaining stats

and.. lighting shock is not required in PVP unless you really want to use this skill.

Anonymous said...

Is Shield protection increase works for all classes? Someone from our server tested it and even showed us how he conducted it and therefore they concluded that SPI works only with shield. Do you agree with it? Please help, I really don't know what to believe on SPIs

carbondale said...

SPI works both with set and shield.

Anonymous said...

make an account there :)

SPI confuses me a lot.

kevzkie said...
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Anonymous said...