Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Master Skill: Maximum AG Increase

Master Skill Maximum AG Increase

Maximum AG Increase

Level 1: 60 increment  (1 point)
Level 2: 120 increment (1 point)
Level 3: 180 increment (1 point)
Level 4: 240 increment (2 points)
Level 5: 300 increment (2 points)

  • 7 points to reach level 5
  • Additional 300 in your AG bar upon reaching level 5
  • Very usefull if your skill uses too much AG

How to Increase your AG?

  • Agility increases your AG bar
  • As shown in the picture, when you put 5 points to agility, your AG bar increases by +1
  • Since I am using a Blade Knights stats in the picture, AG increase may vary in other characters

How can I reduce AG consumption?

  • Seed Sphere AG Reduction 40% helps reduce AG consumption
  • Recommended of characters like Energy Type MG who uses Gigantic Skills during AFKs, which consumes alot of AG
  • The seed is only applicable to weapons with sockets like the picture below