Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New AFK Bot for MU Online Philippines

Note: A new gamegaurd has been updated recently. The new snd.bot v2 beta 1.82 works perfectly for MU Online Philippines Season 4.





Snd.Bot 2 is bot made for Global Mu Online, though you can also use it in other, private MU versions.

All of you who play GMO (Global Mu Online) know that playing this game active is very hard because it requires lots of your time. Using BOTs in MU help you train and have more free time for yourself.

Snd Bot is not hack, and it doesn't read any MU packets, so GameGuard will not detect it as hack.

New Snd Bot 2 have lots of new features to offer like:
-Reconnect if you get disconnected
-Start GMO without browser
-Timer with lots of features like Warp to maps, Say something, Change speed, etc...
-Chat system - chat with other Snd Bot users
-Advanced Bot types for each of classes (AE, EE, SM, BK, DL and Macro)
-PVP PK tool (Auto-hold CTRL)
-Built-in Combo bot
-Built-in Nova bot
-Advanced DL mouse movement
-Isolate jewel sound
-Drop items
-Repair items
-Pause Bot while chatting in "whisper" mode (normal chat, whisper, guild, party chat...)

BEFORE YOU USE IT READ "ReadMe.txt" FILE! It will answer most of your questions.
Every complicated operation has little "question mark" icon next to it, click on the icon and you will get more info about that feature.




Anonymous said...

How bout for season 5? any update for this bot?

MU Online Guide said...

This AFK BOT, snd.bot v2 beta 1.82 works perfectly for season 5 and 6.

There is also a new version of this BOT which is snd.bot v3. I haven't tried this one yet but it has some cool features.


Keep in mind that these BOT doesn't work in some private servers like ZhyperMU.

as for MU Global (Webzen), they have this new bot for season 6 which is the MU Helper.

for more info about MU Helper, click link below.