Saturday, January 29, 2011

Damage Seeds

Damage Seeds

This guide will give you an idea on how much fire seed spheres contributes to damage. I must agree that, socketed weapons are much more powerful compared to X Weapons in low stat servers like MU Online Philippines. And Probably Better in High Stat server where you can put seeds to Excellent Weapons.

The seeds may be expensive but is cheaper in a way if you can’t afford high end +13 excellent weapons.

I’ll start with a normal weapon without seeds and compare it as we insert seeds along the way.

-          I am using a Deadly Staff +11+3soc (clean)
-          This is the stat damage of Gigantic Storm Skill Damage for Magic Gladiator.

-  Gigantic Skill excellent Damage are 2114 and 2868


- Damage (Rate) and Skill Damage remains the same
- Wizardy Damage increase by +30 min damage and +24 max damage
- Rare seed and Highly Recommended, a must have seed for your weapon.

- Gigantic skill excellent damage increased to 2256 and 3009


- Damage (Rate) and Skill Damage Maximum damage increase by +30
- No increase in Wizardy Damage
- This seed is cheap and hardly anyone pays attention to this one. I must agree that this is one of the best seed if your planning to increase your damage.

- Gigantic Skill excellent Damage increased to 2383 and 3136


- Damage (Rate) and Skill Damage Min and Max damage increased by +20
- No Increase in Wizardy Damage
- Highly Recommended seed if you cant afford Skill Increase +37.
- This is a combination of Minimum +20 and Maximum +30 Attack/Wizardy Damage seed.
- Damage is comparable to +13 xweapon if your using +9 socketed weapon. If your planning to increase your damage, this seed is for you.

- Gigantic Skill excellent Damage increased from 2416 to 2501


- Same as Seed of Fire Attack/ Wizardy +20, the difference is that it adds Adds +1 Min and +1 Max Damage to Damage (Rate) and Skill Damage every 20 levels
- Adds +20 Min and Max Damage to Damage (Rate) and Skill Damage
- Works for Strenght Type and temporarily Increases damage for Energy Type characters
- Highly Recommended seed especially if your Master Level is Extremely High.

click here for more info about (level type) seeds


Anonymous said...

this might help a lot , thx for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I added
to my AE in Global mu
i dont see it making any difference
is this only for wizard dmg inc?

MU Online Guide said...

that's right, there is no difference in your stats when you added SKILL INCREASE seed for your AE

but, there is a big increase in your damage when you use this seed.

Roland said...

Well it doesnt realy..
my bow has 45+11 skill dmg inc from the bonus.
The dmg is 189-211 +12 and my previous bow had dmg 203~220 or something. In theory my new bow the 189~211+12 +45+11 skill dmg inc should do a lot more dmg but it doesnt. I compaired the Xdmg and its slighty lower.

MU Online Guide said...


honestly, I haven't tried the skill inc seed for AE. But from what I've heard, there is an increase in damage.

If I used this seed with my MG, Skill Increase +37 seeds increases your wizardy damage..thus increasing your damage. So maybe this seed is energy based?

Anyway, to avoid confusion, I have to try this seed first using my ELF to compare if there is an increase in damage or not.

Anonymous said...

very helpful guide ty. i want to ask critical damage increase +30 and exc dmg +15, these r not %30 or %15 rite? ill add my sword and staff these seeds Exc dmg rate %10, Critical dmg rate %8, Max atack/wiz +30, skill atack inc +37... what you prefer 5th socket? attack/wiz dmg +20 at ur example is low increase,its useles i think. u know what happen if i add crt dmg +30 or exc dmg +15?