Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fortress of Imperial Guardian

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Season 5 : Fortress of Imperial Guardian

Barka has 7 different maps for every week. (Monday: Map1, Tuesday: Map2...) Your mission here is to clear all 1-6 maps and collect 6 all the Secromicon pieces which will lead you to the boss zone on Sunday.

How to enter
Entrance Level Level 15 or higher
Number of Participants A party of Min2~Max5
If disband party after entering the map,
you will be summoned back to the village.
Opening Time Any time, but only one party is allowed at a time.
(You must wait until previous party is finished)
Entrance NPC Jerint the Assistant: Devias (229,221)
ETC The level of map will be automatically adjusted
according to the level of character

[Jerint the assistant: Devias 3]

Entrance Ticket
Two different tickets are available for this map.
All the participants should have a ticket if they want to enter the map.

[Suspicious Scrap of Paper]

[Secromicon Fragment]

Time attack is the main key in the fortress of imperial guardian.
Starting Point
Waiting Time : 1 min
- All party members should enter during this period.

Battle Zone
Time Attack: 10 min
- Must kill monsters in 10 minutes to win.

Warp Zone
Waiting time: 1min
- Item repair

Success: Kill all the monsters within the time limit.
Failure: Fail to kill monsters within the time limit.
- Character dies during the battle.
- Didn’t warp to a different zone during the waiting time.
- Disband party in the map.


Anonymous said...

what kind of level 32 monsters? im playing Pandora Mu season 6 ep2
i guess I.G. still working..pls reply..i visit this page always for guide.. thank you

Anonymous said...

what is the use of complete sicromicon? mail me plzzz