Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Goer

source: Webzen

Double Goer Event

- At Double Goer event map you must protect a portal from invading monsters.
- At every entrance, you will be teleported to a random world which makes the event more exciting.

How to enter
Entrance Level:  None
Number of Participants:  1-5 characters (cannot disband party after entering)
Opening Time:  Any time, but only one party is allowed at a time. (You must wait until previous party is finished)
Entrance NPC Lugard:  Elveland (49,216)
ETC:  The level of map will be automatically adjustedaccording to the level of character


Entrance Ticket
Every participant of event map should have one entrance ticket.

Once you collect 5 Sign of Dimensions, it will be converted to Mirror of Dimensions automatically.
Sign of Dimensions can be dropped from monsters that are level 32 or higher in the continent of MU.

[Mirror of Dimension]

[Sign of Dimension]

Event has 3 stages. In each stage monsters will walk from end of map, trying to pass the portal.
You have to stop them, before they pass the portal.

1. User/Party members is/are warped inside the event
2. Kill some monsters and 3 boss will appear
3. When you kill one boss, 2 silver treasure box will appear, you can open only one, inside this box can be one item or a monster trap (larvas)
4. When you kill Ice Walker Boss, each monster that you kill will not -re-appear again
5. When you kill the tree bosses, Golden Treasure Box will appear
6. When you open the Golden Treasure Box, one item will be dropped and event will finish
Success:  - Less than 3 monsters pass the portal
                - A box with rewards will appear
Failure: - More than 3 monsters pass the portal
              - Your character dies during the battle (Only the one who died will fail)


1. Display Remaining Time
2. Red Triangle show the position of Ice Walker Boss
3. Blue Triangle show your position
4. Yellow Bar show the distance between start and end of the map

Black Triangle show the position of each party member


Anonymous said...

what is the name of that song it is the best

MU Online Guide said...

artist: Taylor Swift
song: You Belong to me

Anonymous said...

tnx soo much the song is the BEST :))

tarrent said...

Ano po ang prize na nakukuha sa boxes dito? So far kasi, puro bless at soul lang ang nakukuha ko.