Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vulcanus and Arena

source: Webzen

Season 4.5 Vulcanus, Arena

It used to be a popular arena of underworld.
However all the beautiful buildings and monuments were burned down when the volcano erupted all out of sudden.

What’s left now are ashes and blacked rocks which now under surveillance of gatekeeper who has become a stone along the monsters who survived magma.

Background Story
Lorencia where fencing was greatly practiced and its mastery was at the peak, people loved to show off their skills. But this was a privilege reserved only for aristocrats who could afford. Those poor commoners who had neither wealth nor rights had to go underground to fight against each other.

These lack of means resulted in extremity whereby winners will get recognition and praises, the ones who lost had nothing but cold death.

One day deep in this underground arena, torrents of lava poured out and melt down everything. Now what’s left there is the enraged corps of gladiators who still walk around crying out of bitterness.

World Structure
Vulcanus is divided into safety zone and hunting zone. (safety zone is the circled area)
There is no penalty for PK and PVP in the hunting zone.
No need to Ctrl+Click to attack other character. Mouse-over+Click the character is all you need.
However, in case of PKing party or same guild members, Ctrl key is needed.
Gladiator’s Honor buff will allow you to get high-level items from killing monsters.

A battle ground for characters. A battle will be available after moving to Arena.
When asking for duel in Vulcanus in other maps, warping fee will be deducted automatically as being moved to Vulcanus.
When the duel ends, characters will be summoned back to the safety zone in Vulcanus and the winner will receive ‘Gladiator’s Honor’.

How to use Vulcanus
- Once you reach level 30 (level 20 for Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord), press M key and then click   
  Vulcanus to enter.
- Warping fee is 15,000 zen.
- When the duel ends, you will be warped back to the safety zone in Vulcanus.
- You cannot go back by walking.

Modification of Duel System
System Basics
All the duels will be redirected to Arena from now on.
Observer mode is now available, and also the winner will be given a chance to acquire rare items in Vulcanus.

What’s new?
- Duel menu is now added to pop-up menu (Alt + right click)
- When asked (or request) to duel, you will be moved to Arena automatically.
- Up to 4 teams per server can duel at the same time.

The winner will receive Gladiator’s Honor.
If you want to watch the on-going game, you may go to 'Doorkeeper Titus'(122,135) in the safety zone of Vulcanus.

Gladiator’s Honor
- Buff duration : 60 mins
- 20% increased EXP (except Master Level)
- allows you to obtain high level items from monsters in Vulcanus.
- Seal of Ascension or Seal of Wealth will become deactivated in Vulcanus automatically (Except Seal of Sustenance) and you cannot use Gladiator’s Honor and Seal of Ascension / Seal of Wealth simultaneously

A: Observer Character will become transparent
B: Show current number of observer (max of 10)
C: Shows the name and HP/SD of the character in battle
D: Shows the number of victory of each character in battle
E: End Observer mode battle