Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gen System - How to Join

Before Joining
  • Must be level 50 to join
  • You can only join guild with the same Gen
  • Before joining, make sure that you leave the guild, otherwise you wont be allowed to join either one of the family
How to Join
  • Talk to either one of the NPC below
  • NPC Vanert can be found in noria above the Vault
  • NPC Duprian can be located in the fountain area in Lorencia

Joining the Gen Family
  • You can choose only 1 party to the conflict
  • Joining 2 families of the same conflict is not allowed
  • Must be level 50 to join
  • You may play Gen Quest in Vulcanus
  • Check your Contribution status at a Gen NPC

Leaving the Gen Family
  • When you decide to leave a Gen Family, You are allowed to join a different famliy or the same family after 3 days
  • Hunting in Vulcanus Map is not allowed until you have joined the conflict

Gen Mark

  • After selecting one of the families, a sign of the clan will be visible

Duprian Family

Dispute Areas

  • Dispute areas may vary in different servers, for MU Online Philippines, Vulcanus is our dispute area
  • The fight for the clan can take place onlu in one of the dispute areas belonging to the conflict
  • These zones are devoid of any penalties for PK.
  • You earn points as well as gaining ranks when you kill opposing clan
  • You loose points when an opposing clan kills you
  • check your points and rank by pressing letter "B"

1 - Current Rank
2 - Current Rank Points
3 - Next Rank Points


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