Sunday, April 3, 2011

IronKnight Hunt - Energy MG

IronKnight Hunt - Energy MG Guide

Hunt in one of the toughest mob in LaCleon using your Energy Type Magic Gladiator with out any support..and your trusted shield. Ever wonder whats the use of the "skill" in your shield? Find out more by watching this video hehehe

My original life in this video is around 900..which is kinda low, I had to get a Santa Buff  which gives you an additional 500 to your life in order to survive IronKnights in LaCleon.

This is the build I used:

S: 688
A: 570
V: 69
E: 1.8k

My recommendation for hunting Iron Knights are as follows:

Master Level Requirements:
  • MS Defense Increase (must have)
  • MS Attack Success Rate (must have)
  • MS Health Inc (optional)
  • MS Cometfall (optional)
  • MS Mana Reduction (optional)

  • Gaion +9+16
  • Gaion +11+16
  • Gaion+13+16 (best)

  • Ruin Wing +9 / +11/ +13
  • XDragon Shield +9+DD+DSR+skill
  • Salamander Shield+9+DD+DSR+skill
  • Ring of Ice DD+DSR
  • Blue Pet / Black Pet/ Gold Pet
  • angels / imps / wizard rings

Recommended Build:

Build 1:
S: (for gaion set)
A: 600
E: 1.5k
V: remaining
  • good build for PVP and PVM
  • best build if you are just starting out as an Energy Type Magic Gladiator
  • can survive Iron Knights solo or with party

Build 2:
S: (for gaion set)
A: 750
E: 1200
V: remaining
  • Good build for those with gaion+9 set
  • Good build for PVP and PVM
  • must have a good weapon to compensate for the low energy

Tips in Hunting:
  • before you start hunting, make sure you have the minimum MS skills requirement..namely MS Defense Increase and MS Attack Success Rate.
  • must have at least 1.4k life
  • use the skill of your shield to reduce the combo damage from the IronKnights
  • use Angels and Blue pet for additional defense
  • Use Cometfall or Flame skill, kills IronKnight Faster

Other Info:
  • I used Gaion set because it enhances and increases your damage compared to other sets.
  • Kills mobs faster if your Energy is high.
  • Other sets with DD DSR are also good for hunting, but it does not speed up your kill against IronKnight.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting


Anonymous said...

does this mean hindi pwedeng gumamit ng ANUBIS GLOVES+ring?

MU Online Guide said...

as long as you have a life of 1.5 or more, you can use any gloves you like. But I would still prefer using Stormcrow Gloves +13+L+16 for additional defense and pair dd dsr rings.

khong thich thi moi ra said...

oh man .... this is the best website tip about Mu that I have ever meet .
i like that guide . killing iron knight without support from pt (the fact is in myserver , we have too less ppl to get a good pt for hunting at raklion)

can you post some guide about monster attack rate ? I need it really .

~=AGILE+~ said...

lupet mo Marle, halimaw ka ^^

Anonymous said...

is it okay to use leather set+9 dddsr with 900 agi and 1800 ene 4 hunting ironknyt?? evis set+13 for PVM?

MU Online Guide said...

I haven't tried wearing leather set +9+dd+dsr in hunting

since you have a 900 agi,i think you can survive IK hunting.

just make sure you have at least 1.5~2k life