Saturday, April 2, 2011

LaCleon Hunt - Energy MG

La Cleon is one of the toughest map in the MU Continent and hunting just got easier using your beloved Energy Type Magic Gladiators. Yeah! You heard me right, EMG are not made for KS wars but for hunting too!

This only works if:
  • You are hunting Ice Giants and Giant Mammoth
  • not advisable to hunt IronKnights, Ice Walkers and Coolutin
  • A defense and life of 900 or more
  • You just leveled up and you have nothing else to do
  • Kills faster if you have an Energy Elf in the party (optional)
  • Blue pet, Dinorant, Angel for added defense (optional)
Master Skill Needed
  • Defense Increase
  • Attack Success Rate
  • Health Increase (optional)

  • Gaion set +9+16 (minimum)
  • Ruin Wing +9
  • Shield +9+DD+DSR (or better)
  • Salamander Shield +9+DD+DSR (or better)

Recommended Build:
- actually there is none. As long as your build is pure PVM and the required Mastery Skills and wearing a Gaion set, you are good to go.

Build 1
S: (gaion set str requirement)
A: 450
V: remaining
E: 1800

  • for those who doesn't have MS Health Increase +300
  • works for low vit EMG

Build 2
S: (gaion set str requirement)
A: 600
V: remaining
E: 1500
  • good build for PVM and PVP
  • highly recommened build if you are just starting out
  • life should be around 1.2k+
  • can survive Iron Knight with or without a party. more info here

Build 3
S: (gaion set str requirement)
A: 570
V: remaining
E: 1800
  • current build I am using in the video
  • best build if you already have MS Defense Increase, Attack Success Rate and Health Increase
  • kills mammoth and ice giant faster, not recommended for IronKnight because of low vitality

Hunt Ice Giant and Mammoth Only

How to Hunt
  • Evading skills are needed to hunt Mammoth and IceGiant
  • stay away from Coolutin, Ice walkers and IronKnights
  • Use Gigantic Storm skill, they can deliver a damage from 1~4k
  • It takes time to master the "hit and run" move, but after you mastered the rythm..killing Ice Giants and Mammoths would be a piece of cake
  • Remember, hunt after you just leveled up so that you won't loose points when you die

Not a smart way to kill IronKnights



Anonymous said...

Im using Gaion Set +0+10+12/Boot,pant +2+10+12 Pendant +10 Gloves is Anubis +9+10+12/Ring+10 My Stats are STR-FOR GAION AGI-400 VIT-NONE ENERGY-ALL I Own a EE so I have it where ever and when ever I want is my stats good? or should I make my set +9? + EE Please Help Tnx...Oh Im plannig to use Deadly Staff +15 with good seed (AGI RED,EXDMG.SKILL INCREASE) awaiting for your soonest response tnx...

MU Online Guide said...

what master skill do you have? at least get MS defense Increase and MS Attack SUccess rate before you hunt in La Cleon.

for the set, make it gaion+9+16. You need defense in la Cleon. gaion+0 set only works in other maps..but not in La Cleon or Vulcanus.

as for the stats. you need at least 1.4k life for IronKnight hunt even though you have an EE in the party. this is because you are wearing gaion +9+16 set.

as for the build, I recommend "BUILD 1 or BUILD 2" because i think you are just starting out.

Anonymous said...

Salamat sa much STR and AGI does Gaion +9+16 need? and with EE can i afk in Lacleon? im still low 350LVL Global Mu and by the way Global Mu decreased the monsters damage on all maps so maybe i can survive.... Im planning to use Deadly+15+AGI+XDMG+MANA+SKILL BONUS other is DEADLY +9+AGI+XDMG+SKILL INC+SKILL BONUS what do you think?

MU Online Guide said...

im not sure about the STR requirement for Gaion+9+16

No, you cannot AFK in LaCleon. I haven't heard anyone done that, not unless you play in a high stat servers where all characters can have wtf set and stats hehehe

your staff is great so no need to change that.

Anonymous said...

In Global they can afk in La Cleon cause they have +15 sets wings and weapons....some Global players are very rich some dupes some i dont know and they have a lot in Mu store that can make ur items +15 easy for wcoins.....thank you for the info. il try to reset my build on 380 to see heheh

MU Online Guide said...

here in MU Philippines, there are only a few people who have +15 sets. Some who dupe there sets got banned..MU Philippines is very strict about this one.

it may be possible for an EMG to AFK in la cleon if you are wearing +13~15 DD DSR sets and if you have a strong EE and WIZ buff in the party.

as for the EMG build, your energy should not go higher than 1056 (gigantic storm requirement), and some of your points should be allocated to agility and vitality.

it may be impossible...but you will never know unless you try right? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Im Using Anubis Gloves +9+10+16 + RING+10 and other RING +DD+DSR+HP+3% REC u think this is good gloves to pair with my gaion +9+10+16? more damage

MU Online Guide said...

No, Anubis Gloves and RIng only increases the chance of Double Damage Rate you get more xdmg, critical and ignore every time you hit a mob.

If you want more damage, try using Muren Gloves +9 and Muren ring instead of Anubis

and your defense will eventually increase when you pair Muren Gloves and Gaion set.

overall.. Anubis Gloves and Muren Gloves are good for hunting.

Chesco said...

Question for Build 3:

Assuming I use a Gaion set+9+16vit it takes 614 points of str then you use 570 agi, 1800 ene and the rest goes to vit, all this requires 2984 points. The total amount of points a MG at lvl 400 can get is 2793(lvl400) + 40 (3rd Class change) and + 104 (points from base stats (26*4)) = 2937 total.

Did you used fruits for this build?, because the requirements are greater than the total amount of points I can get at lvl 400.

2937 (Points Lvl 400) - 2984 (Build 3) = -47 and still need point to add HP.

MU Online Guide said...

Hi Chesco

The total points Master Level MG can have at lvl 400 will full fruits is 2963

you have to bug your gaion set by wearing 2pcs Ceto rapier +10str and Garuda Pen that way, you can save 30str and therefore you can wear your gaion armor +9+16.

and YES.. I used full fruits in this build.

more or less..your life with Build 3 is around 600.

MU Online Guide said...

Hi Chesco

since the str requirement for Gaion armor +9+16 is 614

therefore your strength should be 584. thats why you should bug your set by wearing ceto rapier and garuda pendant +10str.

this will give you an additional 30str your str should go up to 614 so that you can wear your armor.

after you can wear your armor, you can remove the ceto rapiers and garuda pen.

Chesco said...


Thanks for the answer and for the great tip. You said that the total amount of points with fruits for a MG would be 2963 but I saw at other webpage that max points a MG can have with fruits are 100 points so that wouldn't be 100 + 2937 = 3037?. By the way you use a Gaion+13+16 correct?.

At Build 2 you said "highly recommened build if you are just starting out" you mean if I just reached Lvl 400 and still don't have any MS points or what you mean?

Do you know a website which contains all the maps with monster's HPs, Dmgs they have including the lasted maps?, I want to try some Dmg simulations, for builds.

Thanks in advance!

MU Online Guide said...

Check this link..this will give you a clear picture of the full stats for Magic Gladiator

In regards with Build 2, this is the build I used when I was just starting out until I finished MS Defense Increase and MS Health Increase.

Build 2 is a balance build compared to the rest because your life is around 1.2k, which is good for hunting.

After you get MS Defense Increase and MS Health Increase, you can switch to Build 1 or Build 3.

I am currently using Build 3 =)

The link I gave you above has a Damage Calculator. Its pretty accurate if you want to do some damage simulations.

Just try it out for your self

Anonymous said...

ei marle, that bugging stats you mentioned, is it working now?
i remember in the previous season my character gets disconnected when my requirements are understats, specially on weapons. relogging in will just give me ample time to remove the understat equipment before getting disconnected again.
im planning to reset my str mg to emg type, with my hp pumped up to survive LC hunting (thats my past time) so every stat would be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

args.. nevermind my earlier post.. i totally forgot the +30str stat that the gaion set have. that will compensate the for the required strength^^