Thursday, May 26, 2011

Master Skill: Mana Reduction Strengthener

Master Skill Mana Reduction Strengthener

Mana Reduction Strengthener

Level 1 :  5% decrease (1 point)
Level 2: 10% decrease (1 point)
Level 3: 15% decrease (2 points)
Level 4: 20% decrease (2 points)
Level 5: 25% decrease (2 points)

Mana Reduction Strengthener

  • 8 points needed to reach level 5
  • One of the usefull skill for energy based characters who Hunt and AFK's alot, I mean you don't have to repot your character that often just because you ran out of mana
  • Very helpful during PVP and PVM

Is this applicable to all characters?

  • This skill is applicable only to characters who consumes alot of Mana during PVP and PVM
  • If your character an Energy Based and you AFK alot and not into PVP or PVM, then this skill is for you, because the fastest way to level up is..if you don't run out of Mana
  • For characters who are not Energy Based, Level 2 which is 10% Mana Reduction is usefull in both PVM and PVP and semi its not recommended to reach level 5 of the skill.