Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Skill: Blaster Strengthener (Cometfall)

Master Skill Blaster Strengthener (Cometfall)

Blaster Strengthener
Level 1 = 10~15 (1 point)
Level 2 = 20~30 (1 point)
Level 3 = 30~45 (1 point)
Level 4 = 40~60 (1 point)
Level 5 = 50~75 (2 point)

Blaster Strengthener

Effects on your Skill Damage

  • Minimum skill damage increases by 10 points in each level
  • Maximum skill damage increases by 15 points in each level
  • Mana consumption increases by 15 points in each level

  • 6 points is needed to reach level 5
  • Range increases by 4 when reaching level 5 
  • Cometfall consumes alot of mana
  • Best skill for PVP and delivers the greatest damage 

  • This is considered to be the strongest Master skill compared to other characters because of its damage increment.
  • Range increases by + 1
  • A must have skill for Energy Type Magic Gladiator
  • Great skill to use during hunting.. it delivers a great amount of damage compared to other skill.

  • Since this skill consumes a lot of mana, it is very recommended to get the MS Mana reduction under Victory.
  • MS Mana Reduction reduces Mana consumption in every Master Skill such as Fireslash and Cometfall..what is the use of a stronger skill if your Mana runs out quickly eh!?
  • At least a Level 2 (10%) Mana Reduction is Recommended.

Effects on Mobs?
  • This is just to give you an idea whats the difference between a normal Cometfall and a Master Cometfall. What I did was to compare each Excellent Damage from level 0 to Level 5 and as you can see from the Screen Shot, each level has a significant increase in excellent damage

Level 0 Cometfall

Level 1 and Level 2 Cometfall

Level 3 and Level 4 Cometfall

Level 5 Cometfall

  • Excellent damage increase by +55 and +110 each time you add 1 point to your MS Fireslash.
  • Mana consumption increases by +15 in every level
  • At level 5, a total of +275 and +550 excellent damage

Effects in PVP?

  • Excellent Damage Increased from 999 to 1111
  • The damage is pretty high and it works during PVP
  • What I did is compared the Excellent Damage at Cometfall level 0 and MS Cometfall level 4
  • The only problem with this skill is that it consumes a lot of mana, so I suggest you get a Master Skill Mana Reduction.. level 2 (10%) would be fine for now