Friday, May 27, 2011

Master Skill: Monster Attack SD Increment

Master Skill Monster Attack SD Increment

Monster Attack SD Increment
Level 1: Maximum SD/7 recovery (1 point)
Level 2: Maximum SD/6 recovery (1 point)
Level 3: Maximum SD/5 recovery (1 point)
Level 4: Maximum SD/4 recovery (2 point)
Level 5: Maximum SD/3 recovery (2 point)

Monster Attack SD Increment

  • Needs 7 points to reach level 5
  • Replenish your SD every Monster kill, just like Life or Mana Aquisition
  • Very usefull during PVP or PKs, you don't have to bring a lot of Complex Potion as long as there are mobs around the area.



JANITOR said...

Just a question, will this be included in the skills to be retained in Season 6 or will this be one of those omitted just like the exp rise skill?