Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rage Fighter - Formula

Rage Figther Formulas
by: Supremacy


Rage Fighter is the newest char in muonline. It is also arguably the strongest in both PVP and PVM.
It starts having:  

Strenght: 32
Agility: 27
Vitality: 27
Energy: 20

HP: 100
Mana: 40

Every level it receives:  7 stat points , 1 Mana, 2HP

  • Max damage: ([Strength/5 + Stamina/12 +30% left weapon damage] + ([Strength/5 + Stamina/12 +30% right weapon damage] /2
  • Min damage: ([Strength/7 + Stamina/15 +30% left weapon damage] + ([Strength/7 + Stamina/15 +30% right weapon damage] /2
  • Attack Success Rate:  Level x5 + Agility x2.5 + Stamina/6 (officially it’s true, but I haven’t seen stamina increase ASR on global) + Energy/4
  • Defence Success Rate: Agility/10
  • AG: Strength x0.15 +Agility x0.2 +Stamina x0.3 +energy x1


Your browser may not support display of this image.Increase Block (dsr) = 2+energy/10 Increase party DSR. Cost: 10AG
Increase Health = 16+energy/10 Increase party stamina. Cost: 10AG
Ignore Defence (%) = Energy/100 Increase the chance to ignore target defence (Doesn’t apply to your party). Cost: 10AG. Needs 400 energy to learn the skill.

  • Killing Blow (Sacred Glove and Piercing Blade Glove) Skill hits 4 times. Decreases attack success rate (debuff) on target. Range: 2
  • BYour browser may not support display of this image.east Uppercut (Holy Storm Claw) Skill hits four times. Decreases defence (debuff) on target. Range: 2
  • Your browser may not support display of this image.Phoenix Shot (Phoenix Soul Star) Skill attacks four times, hits multiple targets in front of RF. Decreases  defence success rate (debuff) on target. Range: 4
  • Your browser may not support display of this image.Chain Drive: Skill Attacks 4-8 times on the target, making the RF “fly”  up to the target, pushing and slowing (Ice effect) it. Range:4 Increased by Strength and Stamina mainly. AG Cost:22
  • Dark Side: Skill Attacks 2 times AOE(like evil spirit) Range:4  Increased by Energy.
  • Dragon Roar: Skill Attacks 4 times AOE. Range: 3 Increased by Energy. AG Cost: 30
  • Dragon Slasher:  Skill attacks once. Range: 4. 3 second cooldown. (PVP) Has a chance to reduce target SD by extra 1500+. AG Cost: 100 (IMO useless skill, as the chance isn’t very high and it consumes a lot of AG and execution time)

NOTE: Be aware that RF can drop his cape when having a PK status.

Credits: Supremacy

Shoutout to all GMO and MU4kings players and especially Fanatix guild ^^

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Anonymous said...

the ignore defense skill of RF is not chance to ignore enemy def,its ignore def by %. Ignore def damage is in light blue,even if you have this buff on you there will be no light blue damage unless you wear vega set or a wing+ign.

Anonymous said...

No. there is still light blue damage.
In this article it says ignore = energy/100. if i have 400 energy having the skill would give me 4% chance ignore enemy def.
but ignore damage shows less often than having ancient set.

Feanaruar said...

Look, at Dark side skill, AGI increase AOE Dmg too.