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Rage Fighter PVP and PVM Gear

Rage Fighter PVP and PVM Gear
by: Supremacy

Rage Fighter can wear

Kris, Short Sword, Small Axe, Hand Axe, Tomahawk, Mace, Morning Star, Flail, Great Hammer, Crystal Morning Star, Sacred Glove, Holy Storm Claw, Piercing Blade Glove, Phoenix Soul Star.

Sets(Note RFs can’t wear normal set gloves):
Set Leather, Set Scale, Set Brass, Set Plate, Set Sacred Fire, Set Storm Jahad, Set Piercing Groove, Set Phoenix Soul. (And the according ancients sets, e.g Plate = Rave’s)

Unique RF Ancient sets:
Sacred Fire Vega’s Set ; Sacred Fire Chamer’s Set; Storm jahad Trite’s Set (Lucky set).
Cape of Fighter (180+) Made like a Dark Lord cape
Cape of Overrule (400+) Made like any 400 wings.

PVP Sets

Overall the best set for any RF build is Trite’s Storm Jahad (lucky set). It allows you to wear a pair of non-ancients gloves, meaning that u can either wear pair Phoenix Soul Stars +PVP+ Bypass for PVP or pair any Exc Gloves+xdmg+X for PVM.

Other than that for PVP Stam build Rave is the best. Yes, u don’t utilise the +30% damage from two-handed weapons, but you get to use pair Phoenix Soul Stars+pvp which are must have for PVP, and get skill rate dmg, ignore and double damage bonuses. 

+HP+REF sets are also very useful to pvp with a stamina build (especially with a buddy summoner). Phoenix Soul 380 pvp set is also good, but it makes your damage a lot weaker than it can be. And IMO it’s generally way overpriced. 

Between Charmer and Vegas set, Vegas is the best set between the 2 ancient set for PVP

PVM Sets

For a PvM RF (One that has Stamina to use RF items) second best (after Trite’s) is a Chamer’s or Vega’s set (experience has shown that Chamer’s gives higher damage), preferably full +Luck along with a glove+xdmg+lvl/20 (Holy Storm Claw is best as it decreases target defence, meaning the entire party’s damage on the target increases). 

Speed isn’t important at all for RFs, because their abilities are on a small cooldown, and it doesn’t seem like speed increases the speed of skill activation. So best options are +xdmg+lvl/20 on pendant/weapon. 

For an Energy RF with maximised Energy, that can’t wear RF items, Raves is good or just some xPlate set. Cape of course you want to use a +15+IGN+L  ; +15+Ref+L or +15+ALR+L ^.^ Rings, your preferred would be +dd+hp (both pvp and pvm) or +ref+hp(for pvp). DSR is more than useless on RF.


  • Expanded Inventory gives you an insane boost, especially for Stamina RF. The ability to carry over 300 HP pots, makes you very long-lasting in CS/Hunts/World PVP.
  • RFs are insanely dominant in Chaos Castle+6 380+, after they put on a pair of Phoenix Stars+PVP. They become incredibly overpowered. RFs are not easy to kill the mobs with in CC. Best skill for that is dark side(even if you are stamina) My preferred tactic is to wait until most mobs are cleared and finish up the players ^.^ 
  • The only char that may give you a bit of an issue is a summoner, because of reflect, but if u spam pots it shouldn’t be an issue at all ^.^
  • Levelling tip is to first rush as energy RF (with an EE in the party or on freebuff) and once you levelled high enough, reset to Stamina as it offers much more potential (PVP / Gaions /Lacleon solo or party)
  • EE is RFs best friend, it gives an insane boost to it’s damage. Due to the nature of RF skills hitting 4x or 8x, EE attack buff adds damage to each one of the hits, therefore giving a x4/x8 higher bonus than it gives to an MG for example.

NOTE: Be aware that RF can drop his cape when having a PK status.

Credits: Supremacy

Shoutout to all GMO and MU4kings players and especially Fanatix guild ^^

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