Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rage Fighter Builds

Rage Fighter Builds
by: Supremacy

The following build have 0 fruit points.
The Rage Fighter builds are mainly divided into 2 categories: Stamina and Energy

Stamina Build 
Very high HP, very strong single-target damage with chain drive, EE-independent(can solo well) Excellent in both PVP and Hunting.

Pure Stamina Build:  
Str = 613
Agi = 325
Stam = Rest (around 2000)
Energy = Base (20)
  • Basically you have enough STR and AGI for any set/weapon ingame. 
  • With this build you will have approximately 4.8k hp, which will make you very very tanky and high damage from chain drive. 
  • However the build lacks a few things such as attack success rate and AG to spam chain drive, which is your main skill.

Str = 613
Agi = 325
Stam = Rest (around 1600)
Energy = 404 (for Ignore Parchment) 
  • With this build you will have less health (approx. 4k), less damage from chain drive, but you will have all the buffs: Increase HP,DSR and Ignore %. 
  • You will also have extra 380 AG, allowing you to use chain drive more.

Str = 613 
Agi = 800
Stam = Rest (around 1550)
Energy = Base (20)
  • This build tackles the main RF problem, which is low attack success rate. I haven’t tested it.
  • The above three builds all show that there is a trade-off between HP/Damage vs. AG+Buffs vs. Attack success rate. 
  • It is up to the player to find that perfect balance between the three, or ignore one, for example AG+Buffs is not really needed for PVP, but in PVM they give you a great advantage to hunt etc.

Energy Build
Strong AOE damage, strongest KSer, main damage skills: Dark Side and Dragon Roar. Very EE-dependant. Can be very strong in PVP and Hunting given good support party.

Non-RF Gear Energy Build: 
Strength: Str = 500 (For max rave set)
Agi = 160-180 (For max xSacred Glove) 
Stam = Base (25) 
Energy = Rest (approximately 2250) 
  • This build will give you incredible ignore % rate. It will also make you the strongest KSer in the game. 
  • Using this build however, you can only wear items which don’t require any stamina, so you won’t be able to wear any purely RF gear, like Sacred Fire Set etc. 
  • Having base stamina will make you possibly the squishiest character in the game.

RF Gear Energy Build: 
Str = 613
Agi = 325
Stam = 510
Energy = Rest (1500ish)
  • With this build you can wear any RF gear, and you will have better survival ability. You will even be able to wear Phoenix Soul PVP items, that will allow you to perform better in PVP. However this build deals significantly less damage, has significantly less AG and ignore % rate. Still a fairly strong spot rush build, good in ks.

NOTE: Be aware that RF can drop his cape when having a PK status.

Credits: Supremacy

Shoutout to all GMO and MU4kings players and especially Fanatix guild ^^

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Anonymous said...

sry for the stupid question but what stat inc normal gloves skill the most

im making a rf gear energy build
but i mostly use upper beast skill

because from my point of view it kills faster then dark side

carbondale said...

you mean what gloves increases the damage for energy type RF?

For me Phoenix Soul Gloves is still the best gloves for RF wearing Rave Set. This combination is best used for PVP and hunting

If your a buffer type (pure energy) RF, with low str, low agi, high energy.. then Vega or Charmer set is best for you. This is because you are aiming for energy build and you need low level gears

If I were you, Go for PS Gloves and Rave set for energy build

Anonymous said...

i think i asked abit wrong the question

what stat inc the gloves skill (killing blow) the most

i added str/agi and dmg inc
i added vit skill % ing but i didnt see any dmg inc ... maybe i added too less so i didnt notice

non upper mentioned builds say add more str/agi then set needs to ing gloves skill dmg

so i quess hp or vit adds dmg to my normal skill actually but wich one of them :)

carbondale said...

str and vitality increases gloves skill the most.

the higher the str, the bigger the damage.

and vitality is a multiplier to str. Im not sure of the computation, but the damage is bigger compared to pure vitality build.

increase in agility, increases your speed and defense. So its a good thing if your agility is high, makes your RF hard to kill especially you are wearing Phoenix Soul Set +13 with sd ratio and damage decrement yellow option

and energy is useless with this build, because buff only adds 15~20 in your stats.

Anonymous said...

will the vit vit/ene stat build be different if PSS is not available? base damage is still based on str for chain drive, and without PSS, ur base would be alot lower(PVP), so im guessing higher str for those kinda server? please enlighten me. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey, than witch building str or vit, gives most DMG for chain drive? need to get most dmg is possible from RF only for PvM.

Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

hola... tengo una pregunta, tengo un RF sin reset en un server slow.. uso set chamer sacred fire y no sabia como levearlo... pues entonces le cargue los puntos de la siguiente forma
STR: 635
AGI: 642
STA: 420 (676 con increase healh)
ENG: 1265

en que podrĂ­a mejorar para cuando haga mi primer reset? gracias