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Rage Fighter - Iron Knight Hunt

Rage Fighter - Iron Knight Hunt

Rage Fighter is the newest character in MU Online Season 6 and compared to other class, Rage Fighter lacks Master Skills in the current version. Master Skill for Rage Fighter is available in Season 6 Episode 3. Although they lack the Master Skills to aid them in PVP and PVM, Rage Fighter are still an overrated character and is one of the strongest. With or Without Master Skills, they are still the strongest.

Since they are one of the strongest and maybe has the cheapest set and gear on the market, Rage Fighter proves to be an efficient hunter or probably the best hunter among its class. Of course, other class are good in hunting, but only Rage Fighter can do both PVP and PVM with its current build.

Hope this guide helps to all Rage Fighter Fanatics!!


STR: 615
AGI: 400
STA: 1574
ENE: 404


Trite's Storm Jahad (lucky set)
xHoly Storm Crow +9+16+xdamage+skill
Phoenix Soul Star +15+L+16+skill+bypass
Cape of Overule +9 or +15

  • Lucky set were used in this video because its cheap and has the same option as ancient set.
  • Ancient set in GMO is too expensive, so lucky set can be used for both PVP and PVM
  • Between Charmer and Vega Ancient set, Charmer gives more damage and is best for PVM hunt.
  • Rave set can be used also, but Rave is more PVP than PVM

Iron Knight Hunt and Dark Iron Knight Hunt (solo)

Iron Knight Hunt with Energy Elf 

More info about the set, click HERE
More info about the build, click HERE

Special thanks to Supremacy for sharing this guide and video 

Be aware that RF can drop his cape when having a PK status.

Credits: Supremacy

Shoutout to all GMO and MU4kings players and especially Fanatix guild ^^

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Anonymous said...

PVP options don't work in cc & cs :x

MU Online Guide said...

if PVP options doesn't work in CC and CS, then everyone will be wearing ordinary gears during the event huh? =)

karga said...

i like yor blog