Monday, March 26, 2012

Energy Magic Gladiator - PVP Battle

Energy Magic Gladiator - PVP Battle

Whether you are a Strength type or Agility Type, or Energy Type. Magic Gladiators are considered to be the weakest character in the game in terms of PVP. Although the statement is true, Magic Gladiators can be as tough as any other characters in game... it all depends on how a player uses them in PVP battle.

In this guide, I'm going to show you some of the builds and gears I used when MU Philippines was still up and running.

...and, Energy Type Magic Gladiators can be as deadly in KS wars as well as in PVP battle.

Build and Gears:

Gaion Set +11+16+10s
xStormcrow gloves +13+Dsr+16+sd ratio
Rings (pair) DSR+Reflect
Ruin Wing +13+L+4% hp recovery

Blade of Explosion +13+L+16+skill+sd bypass
Chromatic Staff +15+L+16+4 battle optoion+sd bypass
Deadly Staff +11+16+3soc

S: 688
A: 570
E: 1800
V: remaining

Master Skills
  • Defense Increase
  • Attack Rate
  • Monster Attack Life Increment
  • Monster Attack SD Increment
  • Increase Max Power/Wizardy damage
  • Blast Strengthener
  • Health Increase
note: I only put down the important stuff, you can add weapon mastery if you want to depending on what type of weapon you are using


  • I already have Monster Attack SD Increment and Monster Attack Life Increment in this video, so this gives me an advantage during PVP battle.
  • Surround yourelf with monsters, this will give you a tactical advantage because each mob you kill, replenishes your SD and Life.
  • You can either wear any good one handed weapon such as Rune Bastard or Deadly Staff to help you kill mobs faster and give a large amount of damage to your opponent.
  • You can also wear BOE+13+bypass if you like, the only reason why I don't use it because my AG bar runs out fast if I use my skills.

  • Cometfall is the strongest attack for Energy Magic Gladiator, so try mixing it up with Gigantic Storm or Aquabeam
  • Stay away from your opponent if there are no monsters in your area, use ICE and Lighting skills to slow down your opponent or to null there movements.
  • Remember, you need mobs in your area to survive, so use this to your advantage and please.. don't duel a BK head on, you won't survive. 

How to use Blade of Explosion properly
  • Blade of Explosion is also an alternative weapon if you don't have any good staff/weapon.
  • Between Staff and BOE, BOE is still the best because it gives you additional +200 damage, it's just my preference to use staff because its fun to use.

  • In this video, I combine Cometfall and Flamestrike because there is a slight delay when you cast Cometfall, so when you use Flamestrike skill, both Cometfall and Flamestrike will hit at the same time giving a great amount of damage to your opponent.
  • Use Cometfall and Flamestrike when your opponent is near you.
  • If the opponent is far from you, use Gigastorm, Ice and lighting. As I've mentioned above, Ice and Lighting delays and sometimes cancel BK's combo. 
  • Gigastorm can also lure mobs in the area, so this helps you replenish your SD and Life.

Other Builds you should consider

Build 1
S: 688
A: 750
E: 1.5k
V: remaining

Build 2
S: 688
A: 1050
E: 1058 (gigastorm skill)
V: remaining

  • Build I mentioned is recommended Gaion set +11 and BOE+13+bypass or higher only. 
  • In this build, your energy is compromised to increase your agility, that is why gaion set is used to increase your damage.
  • You can wear any Staff if you like in this build
  • Master Skill Blood Attack Strengthener (fireslash) is a requirement
  • This build is designed so that your EMG can use fireslash skill
  • You need speed in order for your fireslash to be effective
  • For long range attack, use Gigastorm, ice and lighting skill
  • For close range attack, use Cometfall, Fireslash and Flamestrike
  • The 2 builds I mentioned is also recommended for PVM hunting
  • Having a high agility increases your defense too, which is an advantage in your part =)

Hope my guide helps, Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

i have a question sir , parang ang laki nmn ng stats ng sayo ?

Michael Mirasol said...

bakit po 600+ ang str? anong purpose? sakto ba yang ganyang str? para sa EMG?

Anonymous said...

para makasuot ng gaion set yan 600+ ang required pag +13 ang set

Mike Conquest said...

Kulang yung stats paps.. kung gagamit ng fruit kapos pa din.. kasi yung HP ng emg within 1k+ sakin nasa 700 lang :v