Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeds: PVP and PVM sets (High Stat Server)

Seeds: PVP and PVM sets (High Stat Server)

This guide is for High Stat Servers with stats ranging from 32k ~ 65k

Before we get started, here are some tips:

- Since this is a high stat server, you should be expecting to get 5 sockets for both Weapons and Armors
- Highstat servers offers Excellent Socketed Gears that cannot be found on low stat servers like GMO
- Some seeds are useless like AG Reduction 40%, Health +30 or Speed +7 because your stats is overrated
- Since most of the socketed set is excellent, the best defense is using the Jewel of Harmony Option (SD Ratio and Damage Decrement 7%) and for weapons (SD Bypass and SD Decrement)
- Aside from the Seed Options, Jewel of Harmony Options is the best way to win against PVP battle

- for excellent 5 socket option

  • Defense Success Rate 10%
  • Damage Reflection 5%
  • Life 4%
  • Damage Decrement 4%
  • Shield Protect 7%

- Make sure the seed sphere you are using for your seed is level 3 or level 5
- Since this is an excellent set, make sure you put Jewel of Harmony option, SD ratio or Damage Decrement should be fine
- Best Jewel of Harmony Option is SD Ratio, make sure your set has this
- This Set can be used both PVP and PVM
- Shield Protect 7% is like a Damage Decrement 4%, it protects your SD. This seed can be used both PVP and PVM.

PVP/PVM Weapons
- for excellent 5 socket option

  • Excellent Damage 10%
  • Critical Rate 8%
  • Excellent Damage Increase +15
  • Critical Damage Increase +30
  • Attack Accuracy Increase +25

Other seeds you can use to increase your damage are:

  • (Level Type)
  • Skill Attack +37

- This weapon can be used both PVP and PVM
- Since this is an excellent weapon, make sure it has a Jewel of Harmony Option
- SD Bypass is the best Jewel of Harmony Option
- SD Decrement is also a good Jewel of Harmony Option for opponents who has high vitality and high SD
- For Characters using 2 weapons, SD bypass and SD Decrement is the best Jewel of Harmony for PVP
- SD bypass is not stackable in case your asking



Anonymous said...

the sockets that you are proposing are sockets for noobs i guess you dont know much about pvp

carbondale said...

@ Anonymous , this is what you get for playing in high stat servers. The guide might be noob for you but generally speaking, pro players used this seeds in there set.

and, Jewel of Harmony options in there set helps alot in PVP

if you have any suggestions about the seeds to used for high stat servers, please feel too share

Anonymous said...

i play on a high server where socket items cant be upgrade whit harmony jwls...so wat u think is better socket opt or only harmony opt??

Anonymous said...

are the sdbypass is not stackable to all servers that is highstats??

Anonymous said...

whats the best option on sets for pvp for bk on high stat server, like L+dsr/ref/dd/hp.

Anonymous said...

hi how ice accuracy increase work?